Peripheral Neuropathy in Shawnee

Functional Health Institute’s approach to treating peripheral neuropathy focuses on more conservative yet advanced methods. A comprehensive treatment program focuses on rebuilding the peripheral nerve connections resulting in a significant reduction in neuropathy symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning, or stabbing feeling.

Treatment Methods

We develop a personalized program to improve your neuropathy conditions.

Functional Health Institute’s doctors and trained staff specialists use a variety of treatment methods depending on the peripheral neuropathy program designed specifically for each patient. A multi-week treatment program, including milestone evaluations by the doctors, brings significant improvement in discomfort levels, sensory feeling, and overall mobility to peripheral neuropathy patients. Methods include the following:

  • Rebuilder Electrical Stimulation Therapy – Safe, electrical current that increases blood circulation and reduces discomfort along nerve pathways
  • Electroanalgesia Therapy — Safe electrical current that reduces discomfort using high electrical energy to block pain
  • Anodyne Infrared Light Therapy — Stimulates the release of nitric oxide from cells increasing circulation and blood flow
  • Cold Laser Therapy — Stimulates microcirculation around never fibers increasing blood flow to  heal nerve damage
  • Whole Body Vibration — Standing therapy that improves balance and circulation and speeds up metabolism
  • Microcurrent Therapy —   Uses extremely low-level electrical currents to help tissue heal faster and provide relief.