Microcurrent Therapy in Shawnee

Microcurrent Therapy is a technique using extremely low-level electrical currents to restore normal frequencies within the cells resulting in remarkable improvements in discomfort, inflammation, and function. Usage helps tissue heal faster and provides relief from discomfort caused by injury or chronic conditions.

This therapy stimulates a dramatic increase in adenosine triphosphate, a high-energy molecule found in every cell that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It speeds up protein synthesis, necessary for tissue repair, which results in the reduction of discomfort and muscle spasms and can provide an increased range of motion.

How Microcurrent Therapy Works

The patient reclines or sits comfortably during a typical treatment while specific microcurrent frequencies are delivered to targeted tissues. Electrodes are placed at strategic locations to direct the currents, and warm, moist towels are applied to facilitate conduction. Unlike TENS units which also use electrical currents to relieve discomfort, microcurrents are so weak that they don’t stimulate the sensory nerves, so there are no shock-like sensations.

A treatment course can involve several sessions, and benefits accrue over time. Microcurrent therapy is safe, FDA-cleared, and has no significant adverse effects. It is not recommended for patients who have pacemakers or are pregnant.