Our Nerve Pain Testimonials

Severe Pain Walking

— Vince

Pain in Ankles

— Rosemary

Burning Pain in Leg

Pain in Back

— Wendy P.

Pain in Feet

— Gayleen

Neuropathy in Leg

— Bunny


— Wendy

Shingles Pain in Face

— Anita

Stan S.

Numbness in Feet

After meeting with my doctor regarding some numbness in my feet, he determined that I had neuropathy but said it was a nerve condition and there was not much I could do. Then I heard an ad that a doctor had a treatment system that would do a great deal to eliminate most of the numbness in my feet, so I thought I would try it. After treatments, my sense of feeling in my feet has greatly improved! I’ve had the condition for about two years. I’m feeling much better now and would recommend Dr. Kingsbury’s treatment to anyone with this condition.

Dave G.

Numbness in Feet and Legs

First off, let me start with saying that Dr. Kingsbury, DC is absolutely amazing and does life changing work! I had an issue for several years with ongoing numbness and tingling in my legs/feet. It was extremely uncomfortable and prevented me from doing the kind of intense physical activity I always enjoyed doing. Additionally, I was also dealing with some issues in my wrist and arm that was making it difficult for me to even hold a pen of a fork without shaking. I had been to a few doctors prior and their treatment plans were expensive, time consuming and ineffective. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Kingsbury, DC and told me he could get me fixed up. Upon my first visit, Dr. Kingsbury, DC was able to identify what the issue was immediately. He also told me that it would only take a few visits and I would be close to getting back to 100% prior to the injury. Naturally, I was skeptical seeing as I had been dealing with this for years. However, after my first treatment, I remember driving home and suddenly I was getting feeling back in my legs. I was shocked and went to about 3 more sessions. Before I knew it, I went from having difficulty sitting down and running on a treadmill to be able to do high-intensity interval training. I’m actually about to finish the Insanity workout program which I never would have been able to do prior to seeing Dr. Kingsbury. I truly never thought I would make a recovery from this issue, but thanks to Dr. Kingsbury, DC I feel like I got a part of my life back. He is the real deal. His staff is great, total transparency, and there is no selling of unnecessary and expensive treatment plans like a  lot of docors. He is truly focused on giving his patients the treatment they need and giving them the best quality of life possible!