Our Knee Pain Testimonials

Knee Pain - Soreness Affecting Daily Life

— Kim

Knee Pain - Stiffness, Difficulty walking

— Jean

Knee Pain - Relief from Wearing Braces

— Joan

Knee Pain - Torn Meniscus

Knee Pain - Unable to Bend Knee

— Gerald

Knee Pain - Basketball Injury

— Alex

Knee Pain - Athletic Injuries

— Doug

Knee Pain - Kneecap Tracking Problem

— Ron

Knee Pain - Difficulty Walking

Hip Pain - Flexor Relief with Laser Therapy

— Alexis

Dave G.

Numbness in Feet and Legs

First off, let me start with saying that Dr. Kingsbury, DC is absolutely amazing and does life changing work! I had an issue for several years with ongoing numbness and tingling in my legs/feet. It was extremely uncomfortable and prevented me from doing the kind of intense physical activity I always enjoyed doing. Additionally, I was also dealing with some issues in my wrist and arm that was making it difficult for me to even hold a pen of a fork without shaking. I had been to a few doctors prior and their treatment plans were expensive, time consuming and ineffective. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Kingsbury, DC and told me he could get me fixed up. Upon my first visit, Dr. Kingsbury, DC was able to identify what the issue was immediately. He also told me that it would only take a few visits and I would be close to getting back to 100% prior to the injury. Naturally, I was skeptical seeing as I had been dealing with this for years. However, after my first treatment, I remember driving home and suddenly I was getting feeling back in my legs. I was shocked and went to about 3 more sessions. Before I knew it, I went from having difficulty sitting down and running on a treadmill to be able to do high-intensity interval training. I’m actually about to finish the Insanity workout program which I never would have been able to do prior to seeing Dr. Kingsbury. I truly never thought I would make a recovery from this issue, but thanks to Dr. Kingsbury, DC I feel like I got a part of my life back. He is the real deal. His staff is great, total transparency, and there is no selling of unnecessary and expensive treatment plans like a  lot of docors. He is truly focused on giving his patients the treatment they need and giving them the best quality of life possible!

Janet M.

Knee Pain - Arthritis

I just joined Yelp so I could write a review about Dr. Kingsbury, DC and what an awesome job he and Regina do in helping people get there body’s working again. I would have rated him ten stars but there were only five. I have arthritis in both of my knees. My Kaiser doctor had prescribed drugs, cortisone shots and physical therapy throughout the years. It had gotten so bad that I was taking Aleve and Tylenol every day. Last year I saw my doctor and she said the next step would be surgery. I was actual thinking about what time could take off in the future to get the surgery done. About two months ago I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Dr Kingsbury’s clinic. I was skeptical at first but after reading the information and reviews. I decided to go for the exam. I’m so happy I did. Dr. Kingsbury, DC explain what he would do for my treatment and what it actually is doing to heal my body. I was also given supplements that I took. I was so excited that it might not have to have surgery after all. After the first treatment I noticed there was less pain when I would bend my knees. After several treatments I was getting up from a chair without the help of a table or making moaning sounds, I’m able to walk longer and faster now. I no longer feel the pain in my knees and my inflammation is gone so that I can see my ankles again. Anytime I hear person complain about their knees or back I start talking about Dr. Kingsbury. Thank you, thank you Dr. Kingsbury, for getting me back on the road again.

Darbie B.

Knee Pain - Chronic Scar Tissue

When I started coming to Dr. Kingsbury, DC I was having pain in my knee that started a year ago when I tore my meniscus. After a year of medication and injections and still no pain relief I decided this might be my answer. After two months, I have pain-free days and am now more mobile! All medication free! All my co-workers at work at the hospital keep asking me what I’m doing because I’m walking good again.

Glenna M.

Leg Pain - Unable To Do Physical Activity

My daughter had a severe sprain with a lot of ligament damage from a comp soccer game. Multiple visits to the orthopedist and 2-3 months of physical therapy produced little progress. She could not walk any distance or go upstairs without moderate pain. Jogging was very painful. Dr. Kingsbury, DC was recommended by a team mate and I was skeptical but willing to try it. One session with Dr. Kingsbury, DC and she was able to jog and resume workouts. One more session to fine tune the adjustments and she’s good to go. Next time, we’ll skip the physical therapy and go straight to him.

Alayna N.

Knee Pain - Competitive Athletic Injury

Wow…. I have never reviewed a business on Yelp until today. I have to say I have been so impressed with Dr. Kingsbury, DC that I was moved to create an account to share just how powerful his therapy techniques really are. I have been struggling with knee injuries since October 2015 and it was increasingly getting worse. I was not able to go up and down stairs or go for long walks or hikes without pain & was waking up during the night due to it as well. I’m a competitive athlete, surfer and gym rat who had to cancel competitions due to the pain in my knee. I was told I had a dangerously loose ACL and possibly patella tendinitis. I went and saw Dr. Kingsbury, DC and he immediately diagnosed my problem. I had known that I had weak hips and his combination of Trigenics and laser therapy has brought me to a point of 90-100% pain-free days since about my third treatment. What I really love about Dr. Kingsbury, DC is his depth of knowledge about the brain and physiology and how connected they are. I also appreciate that he takes the time to explain what he is doing as he goes.

If you have an injury that is not healing and are not interested in pursuing surgery or have had had long term chiropractic or physical therapy that has not yielded results I highly recommend going to see Dr. Kingsbury, DC at natural foundations either in Capitola Los Gatos or Monterrey. At the very least take advantage of the diagnostic exam and see what he has to offer. One of the things I also really appreciate is that he does not need to see you three times a week for six months to get you back on your feet. The Trigenics techniques yield quick results which I can REALLY appreciate. Thanks Doc!

John H.

Knee Pain - Could Barely Walk

No fooling. This guy really is that good. I could barely walk and forget about stairs. After going to Kaiser (how stupid is that?), the best they could do is take some pictures (What’s the gown for? They don’t even touch you. They make a diagnosis from a picture and send me home with Motrin), I rememberd Dr. Kingsbury, DC teaching A&P when I went to McKinnon Massage School 5 years earlier. I looked him up and he remembered me. What a guy! After the first treatment I was walking like normal. Seven years later, we’re still going because I’m an old man now (over 50) and sometimes I fall down go boom. My seven year old has been going as well, for seven years now because sometimes she falls down go boom. My wife was very skeptical (ignorant) of chiropractors, especially when I went to two of them before going to Blaine. One was more like the usual used car salesman type tyring to sell you a “program” and the other was just a crabby old woman. Not the best introduction to chiropractic. Well, now she’s a big fan of Dr. Blaine too.

Jeff S.

Knee Pain

Dr. Kingsbury, DC is terrific. Helpful and NOT one to milk his patients’ wallets. He knows his stuff and provides terrific pain relief. My wife and I have both been his patients and recommend him highly.

Evelyn H.

Knee Pain

I totally enjoyed my visit with Dr. Kingsbury. I left his office with much hope and anticipation for a complete recovery from my knee pain.