Our Back Pain Testimonials

Back Pain - Fibromyalgia

— Wendy

Mandy H.

Back Pain - Stiff Neck

My lower back pain has completely gone away. I can move my neck its full range of motion, my flexibility has improved, and my posture is so much better. I feel more positive about facing life’s challenges without constant pain.

Wren C.

Back Pain - Hand Numbness, Headaches

I have no more numbness, and my hand is stronger. I sit up straighter, no longer have headaches, and my neck is not as stiff. I have a more positive attitude.


Back Pain

I was a little nervous about coming in but it has been life changing! I have learned more about my health in the past few weeks than I have in my entire life. Chiropractic care is very beneficial and has helped give me my health back! Thanks for treating me as a whole person!


Back Pain - Low Back Pain

I had horrible low back pain and could barely function. It caused sleepless nights and almost total lack of energy. I have improved my quality of life and have more mobility. I am now able to work more, be more active in general and have a better quality of life in general.

Lyna K.

Back Pain

Great Chiropractor! Great Staff! AMAZING SERVICE. All the doctors I’ve seen for my headaches and neck pain and all the drugs that were prescribed to me did not help one bit. My headaches and neck pain vanished after a few adjustments. Love this place!

Chelsea L.

Back Pain

Yesterday was the first time in years that I was able to just enjoy gardening without thinking about how much pain I was in. I love having a chiropractor that I trust and results I can feel.

Rob S.

Back Pain

Always treat to see the doc and her staff. And their “toys”. They have a bunch of high tech machines and other devices to help with maintenance, healing, musculoskeletal adjustment and overall health. The office is run well by a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Tamara P.

Back Pain

I get migraines a lot unexpectedly I have noticed they don’t last as long or meds are not needed due to the pain level (real low). I have more energy to do activities besides work. My lower back and shoulders feel great no more tension.

Victoria S.

Back Pain

Great chiropractor and staff! They’re very caring and I feel a lot better since I started. This is an awesome place.

Tonya S.

Back Pain

If there were 10 stars, I would give them 10! A BIG thumbs up to an amazing team. From the minute you walk in the door, there is a positive energy that I believe truly facilitates healing. Everyone is very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Their passion for holistic healing is refreshing and I look forward to every visit. I can’t say enough about the entire team and highly recommend them. Don’t be surprised if you walk out not only aligned and feeling good but nurtured and refreshed.

Robyn C.

Back Pain

I’m so blessed to finally go to a chiropractor that really knows what she is doing and takes the time to educate me on what I can do to help myself as well. I feel the love!

Chris T.

Back Pain

Dr. Kingsbury, DC is AMAZING! I have been to 3 or 4 chiropractors before discovering Dr. Kingsbury, DC and now I have found my chiropractor for life!! In fact the true testament is that I live 45 miles (yes, 45 miles!) from him and I still see him religiously whenever I feel the need. I find myself just getting regular “tune-ups” from him every 3 months or so for preventative maintenance (to keep me on the tennis court all year long) and boy does it work!

Dr. Kingsbury, DC does more than plain old chiropractic. He does kinesiology as well. He’ll test certain muscles out and tell you the root of the problem immediately. Pretty cool stuff. One time my knee really hurt and he had me rub my stomach area a certain way (weird I thought, what does stomach have to do with my knee). Well, the knee pain went away IMMEDIATELY! He explained that I needed to make certain diet changes and it helped. All very cool stuff. This guy is great. He works with Olympic athletes, the UC Santa Cruz men’s and women’s volleyball teams, and average people of all ages.

The first time I saw him, I had an achilles issue and I could barely walk. Twenty minutes later I walked out of there 80% better after one session. Do yourself a favor and go see him. You’ll soon find the same thing I did, your new chiropractor for life. PS–He’s a very nice and genuinely cool guy too!

David B.

Back Pain

Dr. Kingsbury, DC is an amazing person. He not only helps me by adjusting me twice a month but he takes time out of his day to find ways to improve my life. I know every time I go there I am going to be treated well and will leave a better person. The whole staff lead by example and actually care about people progressing in life. I suggest you get started on your new life today and get an appointment.

Brenda S.

Back Pain

Don’t know what I would do without Dr. Kingsbury! The first time I sw him was to treat chronic scar tissue pain I had been living with for nearly a year after gall bladder surgery. Within a few weeks of soft tissue treatment, the pain was gone and I was able to get back into my work outs including running and strength training. From that point on I have seen Dr. Kingsbury, DC many times when my body hasn’t cooperated with me — such as a popped rib and several shoulder problems. His magic always gets me back in the game, for which I am extremely grateful! I am now seeing Dr. Kingsbury, DC for comprehensive research into an unspecified auto-immune condition. He has extensive training in thyroid, gluten intolerance and other auto-immunes. I will update my yelp post as I learn more how I can treat symptoms through natural means such as diet. Would recommend Dr. Kingsbury, DC for any level of chiropractic or auto-immune issues.