Knee Pain - Could Barely Walk

No fooling. This guy really is that good. I could barely walk and forget about stairs. After going to Kaiser (how stupid is that?), the best they could do is take some pictures (What’s the gown for? They don’t even touch you. They make a diagnosis from a picture and send me home with Motrin), I rememberd Dr. Kingsbury, DC teaching A&P when I went to McKinnon Massage School 5 years earlier. I looked him up and he remembered me. What a guy! After the first treatment I was walking like normal. Seven years later, we’re still going because I’m an old man now (over 50) and sometimes I fall down go boom. My seven year old has been going as well, for seven years now because sometimes she falls down go boom. My wife was very skeptical (ignorant) of chiropractors, especially when I went to two of them before going to Blaine. One was more like the usual used car salesman type tyring to sell you a “program” and the other was just a crabby old woman. Not the best introduction to chiropractic. Well, now she’s a big fan of Dr. Blaine too.