Knee Pain - Arthritis

I just joined Yelp so I could write a review about Dr. Kingsbury, DC and what an awesome job he and Regina do in helping people get there body’s working again. I would have rated him ten stars but there were only five. I have arthritis in both of my knees. My Kaiser doctor had prescribed drugs, cortisone shots and physical therapy throughout the years. It had gotten so bad that I was taking Aleve and Tylenol every day. Last year I saw my doctor and she said the next step would be surgery. I was actual thinking about what time could take off in the future to get the surgery done. About two months ago I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Dr Kingsbury’s clinic. I was skeptical at first but after reading the information and reviews. I decided to go for the exam. I’m so happy I did. Dr. Kingsbury, DC explain what he would do for my treatment and what it actually is doing to heal my body. I was also given supplements that I took. I was so excited that it might not have to have surgery after all. After the first treatment I noticed there was less pain when I would bend my knees. After several treatments I was getting up from a chair without the help of a table or making moaning sounds, I’m able to walk longer and faster now. I no longer feel the pain in my knees and my inflammation is gone so that I can see my ankles again. Anytime I hear person complain about their knees or back I start talking about Dr. Kingsbury. Thank you, thank you Dr. Kingsbury, for getting me back on the road again.