Back Pain

Dr. Kingsbury, DC is AMAZING! I have been to 3 or 4 chiropractors before discovering Dr. Kingsbury, DC and now I have found my chiropractor for life!! In fact the true testament is that I live 45 miles (yes, 45 miles!) from him and I still see him religiously whenever I feel the need. I find myself just getting regular “tune-ups” from him every 3 months or so for preventative maintenance (to keep me on the tennis court all year long) and boy does it work!

Dr. Kingsbury, DC does more than plain old chiropractic. He does kinesiology as well. He’ll test certain muscles out and tell you the root of the problem immediately. Pretty cool stuff. One time my knee really hurt and he had me rub my stomach area a certain way (weird I thought, what does stomach have to do with my knee). Well, the knee pain went away IMMEDIATELY! He explained that I needed to make certain diet changes and it helped. All very cool stuff. This guy is great. He works with Olympic athletes, the UC Santa Cruz men’s and women’s volleyball teams, and average people of all ages.

The first time I saw him, I had an achilles issue and I could barely walk. Twenty minutes later I walked out of there 80% better after one session. Do yourself a favor and go see him. You’ll soon find the same thing I did, your new chiropractor for life. PS–He’s a very nice and genuinely cool guy too!