Back Pain

Don’t know what I would do without Dr. Kingsbury! The first time I sw him was to treat chronic scar tissue pain I had been living with for nearly a year after gall bladder surgery. Within a few weeks of soft tissue treatment, the pain was gone and I was able to get back into my work outs including running and strength training. From that point on I have seen Dr. Kingsbury, DC many times when my body hasn’t cooperated with me — such as a popped rib and several shoulder problems. His magic always gets me back in the game, for which I am extremely grateful! I am now seeing Dr. Kingsbury, DC for comprehensive research into an unspecified auto-immune condition. He has extensive training in thyroid, gluten intolerance and other auto-immunes. I will update my yelp post as I learn more how I can treat symptoms through natural means such as diet. Would recommend Dr. Kingsbury, DC for any level of chiropractic or auto-immune issues.