Knee Pain - Competitive Athletic Injury

Wow…. I have never reviewed a business on Yelp until today. I have to say I have been so impressed with Dr. Kingsbury, DC that I was moved to create an account to share just how powerful his therapy techniques really are. I have been struggling with knee injuries since October 2015 and it was increasingly getting worse. I was not able to go up and down stairs or go for long walks or hikes without pain & was waking up during the night due to it as well. I’m a competitive athlete, surfer and gym rat who had to cancel competitions due to the pain in my knee. I was told I had a dangerously loose ACL and possibly patella tendinitis. I went and saw Dr. Kingsbury, DC and he immediately diagnosed my problem. I had known that I had weak hips and his combination of Trigenics and laser therapy has brought me to a point of 90-100% pain-free days since about my third treatment. What I really love about Dr. Kingsbury, DC is his depth of knowledge about the brain and physiology and how connected they are. I also appreciate that he takes the time to explain what he is doing as he goes.

If you have an injury that is not healing and are not interested in pursuing surgery or have had had long term chiropractic or physical therapy that has not yielded results I highly recommend going to see Dr. Kingsbury, DC at natural foundations either in Capitola Los Gatos or Monterrey. At the very least take advantage of the diagnostic exam and see what he has to offer. One of the things I also really appreciate is that he does not need to see you three times a week for six months to get you back on your feet. The Trigenics techniques yield quick results which I can REALLY appreciate. Thanks Doc!